3 Best Ways To Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

For most people these days, a “red battery” alert may provoke panic and desperate urge to keep the battery up.

Afterall, what is a phone without battery; no connection to family or friends, no GPS, no reminders and most importantly, no social media.

However, how you use your phone determines the battery life, and there are things you should do, to make the battery live long.

We have compiled three best ways to prolong your phone’s battery life.

1. Avoid ‘quick charging’ as much as possible. Many smartphones have the ability to quick charge, which means they can re-charge faster when plugged into a more powerful charger. 

But while it may be convenient, this can damage your phone’s long-term battery life. So, just charge your phone the regular way. It will help it stay charged  and last longer over time.

2. Don’t let the battery get down to 0%

According to Consumer Reports and Tech Analysis, letting the battery get down to 0% can actually damage its ability to hold a charge.

3. Don’t let it get too hot:

Allowing the battery to get too hot can cause permanent damage, so try to avoid leaving it out in the sun — in the car, outside etc. — whenever possible.